Professor Agnes was an UNSC scientist that worked on the Spartan-II project with Dr. Halsey and Professor Mike.


At one point in her life, Anges was a part of the Spartan-II project. During the project, she developed a romantic relationship with Professor Mike. Together they had a little girl who, for unexplained reasons, died. Sometime afterwards, she and Mike broke up. Both she and Mike knew elements of the Spartan program that were done that Halsey didn't even know about. When Ralph-303 and Daisy-023 died, Mike wrote a letter to her, explaining that she needs to think about Ralph and other elements when working on "new children."

As of 2552 her status is unknown. If she remained on Reach, she most likely would have died during the Fall of Reach.


  • Agnes may be in charge of the Class-II of Spartan-IIs, as Mike knows that she is working with "new children." He told her that when not teaching and monitoring them, she is to be a mother to them.[1]


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