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Proclamation's Tithe was a CPV-class heavy destroyer.[2]

Operational HistoryEdit

It took part in the Battle of Shield 0459.[3][4] The Tithe was sent to intercept the UNSC Spirit of Fire, engaging the Human ship almost immediately upon its entrance to the interior of Shield 0459. Though they attempted to avoid each other, the two ships collided, causing significant damage to the Spirit, including the destruction of a portion of its supply of pods, while minimal damage was done to the destroyer, due in part to its shields. The two ships soon opened fire on each other, the Tithe quickly destroyed many of the Spirit of Fire's deck guns.[4] It soon sent out Banshees and Type-25 Troop Carriers to continue the assault and destroy the Spirit of Fire's damaged power core. Despite the intense battle, the Spirit managed to repair its power core and flee.[3]

The destroyer's ultimate fate is unknown. However, with the return of Prophet of Regret to High Charity, the crew's names, regardless of whether they survived the battle, were re-added to the rolls of honor in the archives.[2]



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