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PFC (USMC)Marine Corps
Private First Class


UNSC Marine Corps and UNSC Army

Higher rank

Lance Corporal (Marines)
Specialist (Army)

Lower rank

  • Private (Marine Corps)
  • Private (E-2) (Army)

Known Private First Classs

Private First Class, or PFC, is the second enlisted rank in the UNSC Marine Corps and third in the UNSC Army. A Marine PFC is equal in rank to Crewman Apprentice in the UNSC Navy and an Airman in the Air Force. An Army PFC is equal to Crewman in the Navy and Airman First Class in the Air Force. In the Marine Corps, it is one rank above Private, and one rank under Lance Corporal. In the Army, it is one rank above Private (E-2) and one rank below Specialist.

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