PlutonTransparent This article contains information of a non-canon subject and isn't a part of the established backstory.

Pluton is a genetically modified Jiralhanae designed to counter the strength of the Spartans. Pluton is a non-canon character that was presented in the anime short Odd One Out in Halo Legends.


Pluton was created to counter the strength of the Spartans. He was sent to the planet Cronkee by Truth to kill John-117 but ends up fighting SPARTAN-1337 instead.[1] After some chaos Mama opens a slipspace portal and fires a MAC Round at Pluton sending him through the slipspace portal. Pluton is then seen with his head trapped in the MAC Round and drifting towards a Halo ring.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pluton's weaponry and abilities were in the experimental stages. What was shown was that he has adavanced hand-to-hand combat, has two wrist cannons that shoot powerful plasma balls, can shoot a laser out of his mouth, and create an explosion strong enough to devastate the land. He can also charge up to reach his full strength but it was never shown.


  • In the DVD commentary of Halo Legends, Frank O' Connor joked that Pluton deserved his own series.
  • Pluton doesn't have the usual "us" suffix most Jiralhanae names have.
  • Pluton's charging laser beam scene is a reference to the Shoop Da Whoop internet meme.
  • For some odd reasons, Pluton appears to have a very short tail, a feature that other Jiralhanae do not usually have.


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