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Plastasteel is a self-molding material used by the UNSC to make objects shape into handgun grips.[1]

The material is also used to make the shells of cryotubes.[2]


  • Although it is not directly called plastasteel, the material that makes up some chairs in Halo: The Fall of Reach is described very similarly, and shifts to fit the shape of the user's body.


  1. Halo: First Strike, "Fred peered inside and saw a rack of handguns. They weren't the standard issue HE pistols; these had oversized barrels--easily 30 percent larger and longer--and they had grips of self-molding plastasteel.", page 133
  2. Halo: First Strike, "John brushed off the frost buildup that clouded the top half of the cryotube, and revealed the green-armored figure sprawled behind the plastasteel shell." , page 150

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