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The Plasma Punch is a common close-combat attack used in Multi-player to execute fast kills against shielded foes. This trick is recommended to be used in mainly short ranges since it uses both a charged shot and then a melee attack. Many times the Plasma Pistol is regarded as inferior when used by itself; this tactic is highly effective since it results in an instant kill if executed successfully. Please note that this is generally an "all or nothing" attack as it results in a kill or a death depending on your skill and that of the opponent.

How toEdit

This tactic is very effective, it can even combat a Shotgun, Mauler, Energy Sword and the Gravity Hammer. However, if the opponent notices you and backs away, it is best to quickly switch weapons and attempt to kill them, as the plasma pistol is incredibly ineffective against non-shielded enemies. When trying desperately to not get yourself killed, only use the Plasma Punch when the opponent you are facing it sure to be defenseless. A close-range stick or immediate sword slash could easily end your life before that finishing punch.

  1. First charge up a Plasma Pistol and move toward your intended target.
  2. Then fire at close range to disable their shields.
  3. Immediately follow up with a quick melee attack. The kill should be guaranteed, unless you missed them with one of the attacks.
  4. You should seek cover immediately as your shields are probably gone.

One should always keep in mind that this method is more likely than not to fail against an opponent armed with a Shotgun, Mauler, or dual Maulers that is facing and aware of your presence. You could use active camouflage (cloaking) to get closer to your enemy but it should be noted that when you begin charging your plasma pistol shot you will be fully visible.

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