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Pirates is a number of multiple gameplay variants for Halo 3, specifically for the Sandtrap and the Elephant . The one main rule is that you are not allowed to touch the ground.

Slayer VariantEdit

The aim of the slayer variant is to get to the topside of your Elephant and annihilate the other team on their Elephant. A variant using vehicles can be chosen but again, no touching the ground! It is said and widely agreed upon by many players. The game was first created by gamertag: xXMasterJuiceXx (who explained the layout of the game before Halo 3's release)

Game SetupEdit

Match OptionsEdit

  • Score to Win Round: Variable

Player OptionsEdit

  • Shield Type: Shields On
  • Motion Sensor: On

Team OptionsEdit

  • Team Play: On
  • Team Changing: Off

Vehicle OptionsEdit

  • Vehicle Respawn Time: Variable
  • Primary Light Vehicle: Variable
  • Secondary Light Vehicle: Variable

Equipment OptionsEdit

CTF VariationEdit

The aim is to board the enemy's Elephant and steal their flag then return it to your own. Works much better if on CTF classic.

Assault VariationEdit

The aim is to deliver your bomb to the enemy Elephant and destroy it.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Remember that the Elephant's turret is on the right side of the vehicle, so try to attack the enemy when they are to your right and facing away from you. This means their turret will have extra difficulty shooting back.
  • Keep in mind that the Elephant is indestructible, so don't waste your rocket ammo on the hull, use it on the passengers.
  • If there are vehicles on map, use them. Nothing ruins the enemy's day like a couple of Banshees raining plasma on the interior of the Elephant. More vehicles also means that you can find the enemy quicker if you spread out.
  • Keep a vehicle in the Elephant. In the heat of a ship-to-ship battle, the last thing the enemy needs is a surprise attack in the form of a concealed Warthog.
  • Because the Elephant is a little cramped and vehicles flying about, grabbing a Rocket Launcher or a Missile Pod will make clearing the Elephant or taking out vehicles a breeze.
  • In a Capture The Flag or Assault gametype, getting the bomb/flag carrier on a separate vehicle will prove to be very helpful when attacking or retreating, but this may backfire if an enemy vehicle decides to chase you.
  • If you are creating the map variant for yourself, you can deck out your ride with Machine Gun Turrets, various heavy weapons, explosives, cover, etc. to really put heat in the sandbox.

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