The Commendation.

Pinpoint is a campaign Commendation in Halo: Reach. A point is obtained every time the player kills an enemy with a headshot during the Campaign. The Commendation is represented by a skull with a target on its head on a green background.[1]


Kill an enemy with a headshot during the Campaign.

Tier Required # Rewarded Cr
Iron 50 100
Bronze 250 750
Silver 500 1000
Gold 4,000 2000
Onyx 8,000 2000
MAX 20,000 0

Easy Way to Get PinpointEdit

Go to the level Nightfall on at least Normal difficulty and get a checkpoint just as the first elite of the level comes into view. It may take a few tries, but positioned correctly you can get a headshot with little or no movement of the reticle. Snipe the elite then go to the start menu and press Return to Previous Checkpoint.


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