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“Commissioned for the people of Pilvros City, supporting life and safety.”
— Quote on wall, beside Exit 140A[1]

Pilvros Municipal Support Facility is a power plant constructed underneath the city of Pilvros City, New Carthage.[1] It is considered one of the city's key reactors.[2]


At some point after the Human-Covenant war, the reactor had a system wide failure. This failure eventually cascaded into an unavoidable meltdown. The city had to be evacuated. A team was sent in to scan the site for War Games simulations, in order to possibly find out how the reactor had such failures.[2]


There are several main sections of the facility. There are also three exits to the rest of Pilvros. This includes Exit 140B (which exits to Downtown) and 140A.[1]


There are a total of six areas of the Municipal Support Facility:

  • Area 1 Turbine Access (Red)[1]
  • Area 2 (Orange)
    • Volatile Storage[1]
    • Power Regulation[1]
  • Area 3 (Yellow)
    • Power Substation[1]
    • Reactor[1]
  • Area 4 Coolant Storage (Blue)[1]
  • Area 5 Waste Processing (Seafoam)[1]
  • Area 6 Control Substation (Purple)[1]



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