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Pelican 019 was a Pelican Dropship on the UNSC Light Frigate Midsummer Night. It was piloted by Jeffries.

Operational HistoryEdit

It was used to fly Lieutenant Jacob Keyes, Major Akio Watanabe, and other officers on their mission to suppress Jason Kincaide's riot in the Scyllion Warehouse District on Charybdis IX.[1] The mission went wrong though when RPGs struck an ONI mobile command center killing ONI Agents and wounding many more.[2] Keyes called for Jeffries as he, Watanabe, and ONI agent Corinthia Hansen fled to the roof of a warehouse.[3] Turning his obsevation lights on briefly to signal Keyes, Jeffries came inbound and overhead to extract them. The mob below fired RPGs at him, Jeffries, noted as a skilled pilot, dodged one RPG but a second one struck the belly of the craft, without further evasion a third struck the tail causing him to lose all control sending the pelican down to the street below, killing Jeffries and destroying the pelican.[4]


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