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Paruto Xida Konna was a Covenant Hunter and bond brother to Waruna Xida Yotno. The two Hunters served aboard the Covenant Reverence-class cruiser Incorruptible. They were also responsible for the safety of the Shipmaster, Tano 'Inanraree. Nevertheless, when 'Inanraree was killed by Voro 'Mantakree, Paruto supported the latter's rise to Shipmaster.[1]

Paruto then traveled with the ship from The Battle of Installation 05 and the Civil War of the Covenant to Joyous Exaltation. From there he traveled to Onyx with his bond brother. During The Battle of Onyx, he landed on the surface at the Forerunner ruins where he was injured by Will-043, who engaged the hunter in hand to hand combat without a weapon in order to save Kelly-087. Will managed to rip out a clump of Lekgolo worms from Paruto before being shot by Waruna's Fuel Rod cannon, killing Will, while the Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs defended the structure. He was strong enough, however, to continue leading the attack all the way to the Core Room Antechamber, where he was killed when Spartan-051 detonated FENRIS Nuclear Warheads in the room, preventing the Covenant from reaching the Shield World.



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