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Panom was Sangheili Kaidon living on Hesduros.


Panom was the Kaidon of the Panom Keep on the Sangheili colony world of Hesduros. Since his world was isolated from the rest of the Covenant Empire, he knew nothing about the end of the Human-Covenant war or the Great Schism. In 2553, Jul 'Mdama escaped to Hesduros from ONIRF Trevelyan via a portal. Panom still followed the Covenant's faith and recognised the Forerunner symbols Jul had carved into his belt, having seen similar symbols in ruins near his keep. After Jul found out about Raia's death and discovered Requiem's location, Panom decided that the Forerunners had sent Jul to Hesduros to find Requiem and the Ur-Didact. He also decided to assist Jul in his quest with whatever ships he had.


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