1223827034 Brute group

A Brute Pack lead by a Chieftain.

“The pack shall feast on you!”
Brute Chieftain to Master Chief

A Pack is a term used to describe a small group of infantry led by Jiralhanae pack leaders, usually Captains or Captain Majors. Each member of a pack is hand-picked by its leader,[1] and is roughly equivalent to a Sangheili Lance. Packs are organized under Master-Packs.[2]

Prior to the Great Schism, Covenant infantry were grouped into Lances, each led by a Minor or Major Sangheili.[3] After the Sangheili left the Covenant, and the Jiralhanae assumed their former places as part of the Covenant Loyalists; the Lance system was replaced with the Pack system, with Jiralhanae leading these units.[4]


The lowest order of packs are comprised of four or five Unggoy, occasionally with two or three Kig-Yar added, normally led by Jiralhanae Minors and lower-ranked Captains in battle. A Grunt Heavy will sometimes be present to set up or man a Plasma Cannon or to operate a Shade Turret for heavy suppression.[5]

Higher than that are all-Jiralhanae Packs, led almost exclusively by higher-ranked Captains. These are mostly comprised of Minors and lower-ranked Captains, and are usually considerably larger than a mixed-race pack.[6]

At the highest echelons of the Jiralhanae pack structure are smaller Packs led by Chieftains. These are usually comprised of Bodyguards and/or Stalkers, and may include lesser races, such as Special Operations Grunts.[7]


  • Wolves and dogs also use pack tactics similar to Jiralhanae, though females are included in hunts.



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