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Safe Mode runs Halo PC with as many things off as possible. It allows a reduced version of the game to run for computers with lower-end graphics cards or RAM or to troubleshoot driver or software errors.

How to Enable Safe ModeEdit

There are two ways to enable Safe Mode. The first is manually enabling it on your program list. To do this...

  • Go to where your Halo icon is, like in your Start Menu or on your Desktop.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Select Properties.
  • Under "Target:", you'll see where your halo.exe is. At the end of that, put -safemode. It should look like this:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe" -safemode

The text in quotes may be different than that.

This way doesn't always work, and won't if you have a high-end PC. It detects that your computer's processor is too slow to run Halo, and it asks if you'd like to run it in Safe Mode. Choose to by clicking it.


Lowest QualityEdit

There are no textures, people are gray silhouettes. Everything is gray and backdrop is extremely distorted. No blood, particles, or decals. Seen on a Windows 95.

Medium Low QualityEdit

No variety in character models color, Jackals and grunts are always brown, crew members, Spartans, and elites are all white. No reflection effects. No blood, particles. Seen on a low grade Windows XP.

Medium High QualityEdit

No reflection effects, no particles, blood, or decals. Lighting changes only on character models, but is brighter. Lighting changes on other equipment, such as the flashlight, do not happen.

High QualityEdit

No particles, blood, or decals. All effects are perfect, but video hardware is just under enough to ask for safe mode. Recommended continue anyway.


  • Even in safe mode, you can turn on blood and particles as well as raising the resolution in the Options menu so the game looks normal and runs like safe mode.
  • If reflections are turned on, you will see the safe mode quality in some parts. Simply put a character model in some very dark lighting and shine the flashlight on it. This does not include a Spartan's visor.
  • In Safe Mode, the Halo ring that normally animates and spins on the menu screen is just a low resolution still image.

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