Own Worst Enemy is an Achievement in Halo Wars that is obtained when the player receives a gold medal with all Debuff skulls activated.

It is worth 20 Gamerpoints.[1]


  • The Debuff skulls are: Fog, Sickness, Rebel Sympathiser, Rebel Supporter and Rebel Leader.
  • The easiest way is to play until you're right near the end of the level, then turn on the debuff skulls and finish the level from there.
  • Another easy way to unlock the achievement is to play Repairs on Easy difficulty. Activate the Debuff skulls at the beginning of the mission.
  • Send your Spartans and an Air Unit to the center area. Spend all your time and resources on Cyclops units and Turrets.
  • Prioritize the Cyclops units. The more you have working on repairs, the faster the level will end.
  • Another easy way is to play the first level on easy and work quickly. The low resistance and large time bonus helps.



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