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The Outer Colonies are the human-colonized planets farthest from the Inner colonies such as Earth and Reach, with colonies founded after. Until the Human-Covenant war, disorder and rebellion were commonplace. By 2531, the majority of the Outer Colonies had been glassed by the Covenant.[1]


The Insurrection Edit

Main article: Insurrection

As humanity expanded, the outer colonies began to experience sentiments of autonomy and political independence from the UEG.[2] By the 2400s, the impotence by the UEG to keep the outer colonies felt to many colonists like an interference on a confederation of independent planets.[3] This began to cause a tremendous amount of stress across human controlled space. In 2492, this stress eventually caused many riots on the colony of Far Isle. With the UNSC unable to control it, they used nuclear weapons to put down the riots and declared Code Bandersnatch.[4] This event has been cited as what sparked the Insurrection.[5]

Human-Covenant war Edit


Harvest post glassing.

The Covenant had found Harvest in 2525. After making a disastrous first contact, two battles and a protracted five-year campaign began on the planet. However, at that point, the Covenant's genocidal judgement of humanity had spread to many of the other colonies like Biko and Green Hills. ONI, however, kept this fact a secret from the rest of the public up until 2526.[6] In 2535, after ten years of war, most of the Outer Colonies had been lost, with Jericho VII being among the last major ones to fall.

By 2552, though some Outer Colonies still remained in UNSC hands (mostly remote outposts), most were small and rather insignificant worlds. The few significant colonies still under UNSC control lived in constant fear of Covenant invasion. Some of the remaining colonies were bases for outlaws.

Post-War Edit

By the time the Human-Covenant war ended on March 3, 2553, tensions in the remaining worlds had presumably died down enough for the UEG.

H5G HTT-EP9 Outbreak

The escalated riots in the outer colonies.

In 2558, after the revelation that John-117 had attacked a peace delegation on Biko, huge parts of the outer colonies had again started to distrust the UEG. Many turned to the New Colonial Alliance instead.[7]

Known ColoniesEdit

Unknown System



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