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The Out of Sky Bubble Glitch is a glitch in the multiplayer map Sandbox that allows the player to exit the Sky Bubble. This glitch can be performed to get out of the safety zone without having to overload the map and will let you get extremely close to Guardian Towers of Sandbox.


First, place a receiver node outside the Sky Bubble, next, save changes to your map while holding the receiver node. End the game, then re-enter the map and place a sender node anywhere and go through and you should be out there.

Note: After this glitch, the Guardians will kill you if you go too low.


  • It is possible to use this glitch to access Sandbox's hidden "fourth layer."
  • Using this glitch, you can reach the Sandbox Warning egg.
  • This glitch can also be used to block the towers with a wall allowing travel on the sands of the middle layer without being shot allowing full editing of the middle layer.
  • A strange light that floats around the map can be seen when outside the sky bubble.

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