Orlav was a Marine intelligence specialist assigned to the UNSC Red Horse in 2552.


Orlav was part of Sergeant Lopez's team sent to investigate the prison ship, the Mona Lisa, found in the debris of Installation 04. Her role was to find and provide intel.

Infection & DeathEdit

Orlav Infected

Orlav Infected

On board the Mona Lisa, a group of Covenant Elites were found and killed. Because of the confirmed Covenant presence, Commander Foucault invoked the Cole Protocol and Hospital corpsman Benti was sent with a team to wipe the ship's nav-database. The team included Gersten, Clarence, Tsardikos and Orlav. They were forced to pass through the sewage system and were ambushed by the Flood. The tunnel flooded and Orlav was slashed in the back by a Flood Combat Form. Benti removed a piece of Flood flesh from the wound but Orlav was already infected and soon transformed into a Flood Combat Form, which managed to bite Gersten before being killed by Clarence.


  • Judging by her accent Orlav is probably of Eastern European nationality or descent.