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Wikipedia There is more information available on this subject at Orion Arm on the English Wikipedia.
The Orion Arm of the Galaxy teems with danger and opportunity.[1]

Orion Arm

In this diagram, the Orion Arm is labeled "Local Spur." The position of the Solar System is indicated by the yellow dot.

The Orion Arm (full name: Orion-Cygnus Arm) is a spiral escalation of a minor spiral arm in the Milky Way galaxy; it is located near the galactic core and is part of the Sagittarius Arm (a major arm). The Sol system and Earth are within and amid the Orion Arm. It is also referred to as the Local Arm, Local Spur, or the Orion Spur. It is named "Orion" due to its proximity to the Orion Constellation.[2]


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By 2490, UNSC colonial space encompassed over 800 planets and colonies ranging from small outposts to large, important military strongholds in the Orion Arm.[3]



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