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On the level The Oracle in Halo 2, it is possible to do a Super Jump.


To do this, when you get to the part where you must cut the three cables, after the last one is cut, if you jump at the right time, as you are still in the air when the station collapses, the jump will be unusually high. The best way to do this is to listen closely to the groaning of the station as it is about to collapse. As soon, or just before the groaning stops, jump, and the trick should work.

However, if you jump at the elevator you rode on, at the climax of your jump, instead of slowly drifting back down to the floor, you will suddenly speed up and go straight through the roof, and likely die.

After a few seconds, you will appear to stop moving, and if you look down you can see the station as it falls (along with you). After a few more seconds, you will die and go into the normal falling animation.
Oracle uper jump

A correctly executed Oracle super jump. Note the gas mine beneath the Arbiter


  • There is a way to do the jump and also continue the level. In co-op, have one player stay at the elevator while the other cuts the cables. The player then jumps and the other activates the elevator. If done right the first player should be loaded in and still alive.

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