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Oracle Master is a Covenant Sangheili rank and is not given to members of the Covenant military, making it one of the only known "civilian" titles for Sangheili, alongside Kaidon and Aristocrat.


Main article: Rank

Oracle Master is an office of duty amidst the Covenant High Council; customarily, a Sangheili particularly knowledgeable in religious and political affairs is made the personal adviser of a Hierarch or a high-ranking military official. Oracle Masters also serve aboard ships,[1] serving as data gatherers, advisors/mentors, and religious leaders.

It is known that an Oracle Master served as adviser to high-ranked officials including the Prophet of Regret, Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree, and aboard other vessels in the Sangheilian Fleet.[2]

The only known Oracle Master, Parala 'Ahrmonro, is described as old, but fiercely intelligent. Beyond that, little else is known about the rank, or the Sangheili who holds it.



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