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Mascot - Oonsk

Oonsk, created by Flipyap of the NeoGAF

Oonsk is the unofficial mascot of Halo: Reach created by member Flipyap of the NeoGAF.[1][2]


Originally, the character began as a joke on the Neogaf forums,[3] using a picture of a Spartan shoulder pauldron to create a small cartoon-like figure, and it quickly became popular.

Since its creation it has been the focus of numerous pictures and videos by Halo fans, and has even achieved some unofficial recognition by Bungie, and 343 Industries with Creative Director Frank O'Connor donating a painting of Oonsk and Mister Chief for the IGN for Haiti charity event.[4][5]


  • Oonsk is available as a avatar.
  • The creation of Oonsk is an example of a pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where the brain subconsciously recognize an image as something significant/worthy of notice.



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