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Odin's Eye or The Cage, as some call it, is a conference room located aboard the ONI stealth ship UNSC Point of No Return that fewer than 20 officers in the UNSC have access.[1]


Odin's Eye acts as a Faraday cage, preventing any electronic signal from getting in or out, making the room one of the most secure places in the galaxy.[1] The Cage has been described as circular with a round, black conference table in the center. There is no visible door to enter Odin's Eye.[2] To enter the Cage, a bio-scanner confirms one's identity and upon confirmation opens the entrance. Kurt Ambrose once noted that there was no crease where the two halves of the door met.[1]

The SPARTAN-III ProgamEdit

Odin's Eye held several significant meetings throughout its history, of which three involved the SPARTAN-III Program. The meeting at which the decision to create the Spartan-IIIs was made involved several high-ranking officers: Vice Admiral Margaret Parangosky, Rear Admiral Ned Rich, Captain Aaron G. Gibson, and Colonel James Ackerson. This group of officers decided to then "trade lives for time" by creating the relatively cheaper Spartan-IIIs compared to the SPARTAN-IIs.[1] Between the years of 2531 through 2537, and possibly beyond,[note 1] Odin's Eye held more meetings between the heads of the SPARTAN-III program which then included LCDR Kurt Ambrose. These meetings included discussions of the successes of Alpha Company and the formation of Beta Company.[2][3]


  1. In Halo: Evolutions - The Impossible Life and the Possible Death of Preston J. Cole, Codename: SURGEON wrote his/her report from the UNSC Point of No Return so it is reasonable to assume Odin's Eye still exists as the ship the room is on still exists.


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