The ORS-class heavy cruiser[2] (or Varric pattern heavy cruiser[1]) is a capital warship classification within the Covenant Navy.

Using the 3-letter code used to classify Covenant ships, "O" ("Ordained") indicates that the cruiser has been improved with Forerunner technology, specifically, a weapons core. The "R" ("Reverence") indicates that the cruiser is capable of conducting reconnaissance missions and is capable of excavating Forerunner artifacts. The "S" ("Salvation") indicates that the cruiser is a dedicated warship with a pair of energy projectors.[4]

Class HistoryEdit

The ORS-class was designed and built for the civil conflicts that affected the Covenant during the Age of Conflict and Age of Doubt that followed the Sangheili-San'Shyuum war.[1]

A few ships, such as the Incorruptible and the Blight of the Profane, served during the Human-Covenant war.

After the Great Schism, many of the ORS-class cruisers fell into the hands of Covenant splinter factions.[1]


Boasting sophisticated stealth technology, an energy projector and plasma turrets, the ORS is more powerful than most cruisers used by the Covenant.[5] Despite this, the ships in the class are difficult to operate due to their age. Often scribes are needed on ship bridges in order to translate ancient Sangheili dialects.[1]


The ORS-class carries a number of troops including 400 Obedientaries, 6,000 Warriors, and 8,500 Thralls.[1]


The crew of an ORS-class is 16 Superiors, 70 Engineers and 1,200 Menials. These crew members were hand selected.[1]

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