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ONI Security is the Office of Naval Intelligence's primary security force. While ONI manages their operations, they are actually placed under the jurisdiction of Naval Special Warfare. Soldiers within ONI Security are recruited from the UNSC Army and Marine Corps.[1]



Main article: Raid on Ivanoff Research Station

On July 24, 2557, Ivanoff Research Station came under attack by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and the Ur-Didact's Prometheans. The ONI Security on station were the first to respond to the threat. When John-117 arrived, they assisted him to the best of their ability.[2] In the end, all the security personnel on the station were either killed by the Covenant or Composed by the Didact.[1]




ONI Security officers utilizes the MA5D Assault Rifle.[1][2]

Ground VehiclesEdit

ONI Security utilises a special variant of the M820 MBT that has experimental ammunition and stronger armor.[3]

Air VehiclesEdit

ONI Security also operates their own special variant of the AV-49 Attack VTOL. Its weapons are fitted with High Explosive Ammunition rounds and it has heavier armor.[4]



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