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ONI PRO-49776[1] was a specialized vessel used by the Office of Naval Intelligence and captained by Lucius R. Jiron.[2]


Main article: Operation: WARM BLANKET

The ship was sent by the ONI to retrieve a high-priority "package" from a Covenant fleet trapped in a stellar magnetic field that prevented them from jumping into Slipspace. On board, there were five SPARTAN-IIs who were eventually sent out to retrieve it using OF92-EVA Booster Frames stored on board the stealth ship. After the Spartans successfully retrieved the package and the Covenant Fleet jumped away, the stealth ship de-cloaked and destroyed the remaining Seraph-class Starfighters. After picking the Spartans up, the ship re-cloaked and jumped away.[2]


The ship had a ventral launch bay fitted with hook systems used to deploy OF92-EVA Booster Frames. Instead of using photoreactive panels for stealth like the Prowlers, this ship utilized a more advanced, bubble-like cloaking field projected around it to conceal it from view. It also utilized a type of advanced Directed Energy Weaponry, capable of dispatching Covenant Seraphs with ease. These directed energy weapons are possibly modified Pulse Lasers.[2]


  • Despite the ship's stealth capabilities and the "PRO" classification in its registry number, Frank O'Connor has confirmed that the ship is not a prowler.[3]


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