The ONI Acrisius was an Office of Naval Intelligence Winter-class light prowler based upon the previous Black Cat-class subprowler model. The frame of the ONI Acrisius is smaller and more compact. The cockpit and wings resemble UNSC fighters, making the ship a lot more aerodynamic.[1]


The ONI Acrisius was stationed on the UNSC Argent Moon. Build specifically for reconnaissance and infiltration missions, the ship never left the research station, and was there for any high-profile ONI personnel as a means to escape the Argent Moon in case of emergencies.[1] When Blue Team had to destroy the UNSC Argent Moon to prevent it from falling into enemy hands they fled with the Prowler after destroying one of Argent Moon's reactors. They used the active camouflage of the ship to flee to Meridian.[2]

After landing on Meridian, Blue Team went to search for Meridian's mines and left the vehicle abandoned. Fireteam Osiris eventually found the ship and used it's data terminal to find out where Blue Team was heading.[3]



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