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Orbital Defense Generator Facility A-331

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ODG Facility A-331

ODG Facility A-331

Facility A-331 was a one of the large Orbital Defense Generators that powered the Orbital Defense Stations in orbit around Reach. The facility was to be protected by the Spartan-II team arriving on Reach, but when the Covenant broke through the UNSC lines, the station was bombarded with heavy plasma, and all Spartans and Marines guarding the facility are assumed dead.

Many of the marines were killed when Longsword bombers accidentally bombed the site due to an error. This also killed Lieutenant Buckman and Lieutenant Jake Chapman. When the Spartan Red Team came to the site, the Marines had won, but at horrible cost: only four Charlie Company Marines survived,[1] all of whom were terribly shell shocked.

There were at least seven reactor complexes on Reach. During the Fall of Reach, the Covenant compromised Complex Three, and the Spartans were last heard from when they fell back to Complex Seven.

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