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This article is about the Marine. For the ODST seen in Halo 2, see O'Brien (Another Day at the Beach)

and for the Halo Legends character, see O'Brien (The Babysitter).

Private O'Brien was a UNSC Marine aboard Reach Station Gamma, Dock 9, during the Fall of Reach.


Battle of ReachEdit

Main article: Fall of Reach

O'Brien, along with Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, PFC Wallace Jenkins, and Private Bisenti, were fighting a group of Kig-Yar when MCPO John-117 and PO2 Linda-058 boarded the station to destroy the navigational database of the ONI ship, UNSC Circumference.

Battle of Installation 04Edit

Main article: Battle of Installation 04
“Glad you could make it, Chief... we saved some party favors just for you.”
— O'Brien greets John-117 on board the Pillar of Autumn

He was picked up with Johnson and the Chief when they took a pelican and flew back to the Pillar of Autumn. When the Pillar of Autumn was boarded, John-117 recognized him (but could not remember his name) and saved him from a Kig-yar soldier. He was killed either when the Covenant boarded the Pillar of Autumn or during the Battle of Installation 04.


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