A no-scope or snapshot is the act of shooting an enemy with a scoped weapon, such as a sniper rifle, without using the scope. Learning to no-scope is a definite must for advanced players. In situations where a charging enemy must be quickly neutralized, switching weapons or zooming in would waste valuable time and possibly result in the sniper's death. However, since ammunition for sniper weapons tends to be rare, it can be better to switch to another weapon if the player is not yet confident in his skills.


  • When an enemy is approaching you, keep your cool and remember that you only need one shot while they need several. Line your Reticle at head level, strafe to line up the shot, and fire.
  • Practice under pressure, so when you are panicked, you can be confident in your skills.
  • If your first shot is a body shot, try to follow up with a melee or a headshot from your other weapon.
  • Place your reticle in front of a moving player, and when the player walks into your reticle, fire.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, a good way to practice is to go to the level The Truth and Reconciliation. In Halo 2, you can practice on Outskirts and Regret. In Halo 3, practice at the beginning of The Ark. In Halo: Reach, practice on Nightfall or Firefight.

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