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Specifications Edit

Team Play - On, Two teams

Bomb Touch Return - On

Scores To Win - 5

Bomb Carrier Camo - On

Enemy Bomb Indicator - When Dropped

Matchmaking Playlist? - Team ActionSack

If so, Maps? - Beaver Creek, Sanctuary, Warlock, Midship

Bomb Carrier Fast - On

Bomb Arm Time - not exactly sure, relatively fast

Strategies Edit

Obviously, since the score to win is 5, there's going to be a lot of bombings. The strategy that I use when playing is to have the bomb carrier wait right outside the base, and have the three other people (or two, if you want to leave someone on D or if you know that the bomb is on the move) rush in and empty the base, and when the last guy is close to being dead, the bomb guy moves in and arms it. I don't know the exact arm time, but it's relatively fast.

Your standard logic of Assault still applies, but with a twist. The (universally referred-to as) bomb-guy is quite the powerhouse; faster, stronger, and harder to see than normal. This makes the game interesting. You can create some unique strategies for this game. A favorite of mine is to assign the bomb-guy to find and kill the other team's bomb-guy. Then, the rest of the team guards the enemy bomb and kills the other team while the bomb-guy moves on the arm the bomb. Don't forget to mix up strategies!

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