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Ninja 0n fire

Ninja 0n Fire is the Bungie playlist designer.[1]

He caused quite a stir when he became the first Bungie employee to come on the record and state that Super Bouncing and the Button Combos glitches are Cheating:[2]

Don't call them "glitches" - that's just a candy coated term and does not accurately describe what they are. They're bugs that alter the intended functionality of the weapons and gameplay.

What you do in tournaments on LAN is between you and your tournament organization, but do not advocate the exploitation of bugs being used in our matchmaking service. Whether it's superbouncing or interrupting weapon animations, just because we don't personally ban you for it doesn't mean it isn't cheating and extremely poor sportsmanship.

We only issue suspensions for modified content and network manipulation, Xbox Live administrates all other aspects of cheating or social issues.

When I see someone superbounce or use weapon exploits, I leave cheating feedback, I suggest you do as well.


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