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Ninja redirects here. For the Halo 2 achievement, see Ninja.

Ninja is a Halo 2 Slayer gametype.

This game type is usually played on winding maps with many tight spaces or sudden corners. Midship and Lockout are particularly effective for this. Backwash is also used, due to the fog obscuring almost everything. This gametype is also very similar to swords, with a few minor alterations, such as no grenades and M6C Magnums as the starting weapons.


Active Camo: On
Turrets: No
Primary Weapon: M6C Magnum
Secondary Weapon: Energy Sword
Grenades: No
Grenades on map: No
Weapons on map: No
Motion Sensor: Off
Overshield: No
Respawn time: 5 sec
Suicide penalty: No
Kills: Variable, depending on desired length of the game, although some find 25 the best alternative, among with other FFA games.


  • On small maps, tight spaces usually involved lead to tense, fast-paced gameplay, even on larger maps with few players.
  • This gametype is not designed for teams, rather, for FFA.

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