Governor Nils Thune was the jolly and enthusiastically optimistic Governor of Harvest [1] until the planet's fall in 2525. At first oblivious to Jilan al-Cygni's role as an ONI "spook," he was furious upon learning that not only had she lied about her reason for being there, but that the Colonial Militia detachment he had approved was actually meant to be a covert anti-insurgency unit. Ignoring the near-inevitable future hostilities between the human colonists and the Covenant emissaries, blindly hoping for a peaceful and prosperous relationship with the Covenant, he was nearly killed during a meeting with Jiralhanae representatives of the Covenant. His foolishness eventually resulted in al-Cygni being forced to remove him from power by paralyzing him with TT rounds.


  • Thune was a Lutheran, which is a member of a Christian denomination that follows the teachings of Martin Luther as they pertain to the Bible.
  • He had two bodyguards, Lars and Finn, who were subdued by Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson.
  • It is unknown what happened to him after the First Battle of Harvest. Whether or not he was imprisoned for his insubordinate actions on Harvest, or if he even survived the escape from the planet is unknown.
  • Thune apparently had a daughter. Sometime in 2523 or 2554 there was an incident involving Felicia Sanderson and a girl who turned out to be the governor of Harvest's daughter. Assuming he was governor at the time, this would mean she was Thune's daughter.



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