Sit back and let the drones do their work.
— Nightingale pilot

The EV-44 Support VTOL, also known as the Nightingale, is a UNSC non-combative support aircraft.[1]


The EV-44 Nightingale is a non-combative support unit in the UNSC. The Nightingale uses a complement of small, drone-like devices known as Restoration Drones to help repair allied units. Unlike most UNSC aircraft, the Nightingale has no offensive capabilities at all, lacking even a main autocannon, but to counter that, it has various measures to survive harrowing battles, such as smokescreen deployment and deployable jammers that camouflage nearby units.[1]

Halo Wars 2Edit

In Halo Wars 2, the Nightingale has the ability to heal other units using its Restoration Drones. It can also detect cloaked units.[2]

  • Resources: 400
  • Minimum Tech Level: 2
  • Population Count: 5
  • Power: 0