Nick is a citizen of Earth, and a friend of Jason Pope. When he went to Jason and Sarah-John's wedding, Sarah-John paired him up with her friend Rani in the hopes that they would get together.[1] Despite initial turbulence when Rani caught him suggesting to Jason that he call the wedding off to prevent any later acts of adultery,[2] a tactic to help Jason work through his fears,[3] it worked out with Rani taking him off alone to the Lickglider-Miller Cemetery.[4]

Soon after, he was drafted into the UNSC. He was stationed at one of Earth's Orbital Defense Platforms, where he maintained a long-distance relationship with Rani. Joe, an ODST who tried to pick her up, suggested Nick was cheating on her because "lying doesn't look the same when you think you're gonna die."[5]

A few weeks later, Durga reported to Rani that Nick was fine and currently playing ping-pong with a guy called "Itchy."[6]


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