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Nm center

The city center, during the Battle of Mombasa.

The City Center of New Mombasa was one of the city's four primary sections, the others being Sector A, Sector B, and the Docks. The City Center was located at the very heart of New Mombasa, where the city's tallest skyscrapers were located.[1] The tallest skyscraper in the city center was the Vyrant Telecom tower, reaching two kilometers in height.[2]

History Edit

In 2552, the City Center, along with every other sector in the city, was closed when the Covenant invaded during the Battle of Earth. The city center was seriously damaged when the High Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier initiated a Slipspace jump in the city.[1] Immediately after the slipspace event, the city center was occupied by a Jiralhanae-led invasion fleet and was eventually glassed.[3]


Sources Edit

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