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New Llanelli (or Laqil by the Sangheili)[1] was a human colony world located in the Brunel system formerly governed by the Unified Earth Government.[2] New Llanelli originally was a small agrarian world.[3]


Human-Covenant WarEdit

Main article: Battle of New Llanelli

During the war, New Llanelli was assaulted and eventually glassed by the Covenant Empire in 2546.[2] One of, if not the last survivor of the attack was Tom Muir. He lived on the planet until 2553.

Post-War EraEdit

New Llanelli was where Avu Med 'Telcam and the Servants of the Abiding Truth would go through with being supplied by the Office of Naval Intelligence through Kilo-Five. Once the UNSC Infinity destroyed a majority of the Servants forces, Serin Osman planned on hiding their last four frigates on the planet.[4] After the failing Blooding Years on Sanghelios, Avu Med 'Telecam fell back to New Llanelli with what few ships and troops he had left to regroup and re-arm.


New Llanelli only had a total of three settlements.[5]

Known ResidentsEdit



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