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The man sitting in his home in Visegrád.

New Life[1] is a live-action short film for the Remember Reach advertisement campaign. It depicts a couple arguing over whether they should stay in Visegrád or abandon their old life and move to a bigger city.[2]


July 23, 2552

0832 Hours

Planet Reach

A man walks across his living room and sits down. We can see that the homestead is sparsely furnished.

A woman, clearly pregnant, walks toward him.

  • Woman: "The timing is insane."
  • Man: "Why? All of our friends have already gone. We can't live in this kiva anymore. Manassas is the only choice."

The woman walks into the kitchen and turns around.

  • Woman: "And leave my family? We've been here for three generations. You think I could just up and go?"
  • Man: "Why not? There's nothing in Visegrád anymore. It's dying. Right along with this farm."
  • Woman: "I'm so sick of this argument. If we go, how are you going to support us?"

The man shrugs.

  • Man: "I'll find a job. Alright, two if I have to. Things will get better."
  • Woman: "You don't know that."
  • Man: "Maybe not. But it's better than staying here and having no future at all."

Sirens blare as vehicles rush past the house. The man stands up and walks to the window.

We see the sun disappearing behind the planet Reach.



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