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New Harmony was a UEG colony world. It is unrelated to the colony of Harmony.[1]


Human-Covenant WarEdit

Main article: Battle of New Harmony

Sometime prior to 2537, a battle took place on the planet. During this battle, a prowler, the UNSC Razor's Edge, managed to attach a telemetry probe to a retreating Covenant Frigate, allowing it to track the ship and locate K7-49.[2] Surprisingly though, the UNSC managed to win one of a few naval victories against the Covenant here.[1]


Known ResidentsEdit

These are people who were born on have lived on the planet for an extended amount of time.


  • Because Kat and Jun both speak with Slavic accents, it could be assumed that the New Harmony was colonised by Earth Eastern Europeans.
  • New Harmony could be named after the New Harmony in Utah, Tennessee or Indiana.


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