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New Alexandria 3
New Alexandria


Eposz, Reach


August 23, 2552


Fall of Reach



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“Look at this place. Used to be the crown jewel... not anymore.”[1]

New Alexandria was a metropolitan city located at Eposz on the human colony world of Reach.[2] During the Raid on New Alexandria, it became the target of a Covenant attack during the Fall of Reach in 2552, and was defended by Noble Team.[3] Although civilian transports successfully evacuated the city thanks to the efforts of Noble Six, the city was ultimately glassed by the Covenant.

Three space elevators were located near the city.[4] After the war a memorial to Noble Team was built in Hősök there.



  • The city of New Alexandria is most likely named after the Egyptian city of Alexandria which was the location of a very large library.
  • The city of New Alexandria is featured in the levels Exodus and New Alexandria in Halo: Reach.
  • The metropolitan area of New Alexandria spans about 15 km x 6 km, making it a total of about 90 km2, albeit most of this is not exploratory due to game restrictions.
  • The packaging of the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition states that the statue enclosed inside is a replica of the war memorial in New Alexandria, indicating the city being rebuilt during recolonization. This is also supported by the fact that many of its inhabitants left the city before the glassing and may have returned to rebuild it.
  • The city is never confirmed to have been completely glassed, as the area around the playable portion of the level is still intact even with the most recent bombardment at the end of the level, because several cruisers left mid-level it is likely that the Covenant were finishing their involvement with the city.
  • The units 4 Charlie 27, 7 Delta 19 along with another unit were tasked with destroying Covenant Communications Jammers in the city.



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