Nevel was a UNSC Navy Lieutenant Commander aboard the CMA Season of Plenty in 2489. Though only in his mid-thirties, he already had that casual air of "don't mess with me" that most officers couldn't achieve until they were at least captains.[2]


On September 22, 2489, as Season of Plenty was preparing to jump to Slipspace, the ship's new AI Lorelei shut herself down for routine maintenance. Rather than rebooting the backup intelligence, Lieutenant Commander Nevel ordered Ensign Otto Seinmann to do the slipspace calculations by hand. Seinmann had Crewman Apprentice Preston Cole do most of the work for him instead.

When Lorelei reappeared, she informed Nevel that Seinmann's initial calculations were very rough. When Nevel found out that Seinmann had made Cole do his work, he was initially angry and disgusted, but was pleasantly surprised to find that Cole had actually come up with a new method for calculating slipspace input parameters. Thoroughly impressed, Nevel and Lorelei recommended Cole for Luna Officer Candidate School later that year.


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