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A navigation computer, sometimes abbreviated NAV computer or NAVCOM, is a device used to coordinate slipstream space jumps and plot courses or steer ships at sublight speeds.[1][2] While ships often have human crews, NAV computers or AIs are essential in making the complex calculations involved in astrogation, the process of coordinating a slipspace jump. They can also control unmanned vessels, such as freighters, entirely by themselves. As they possess only a fraction of the computational capability of an AI, NAV computers are generally inexpensive.[3] To successfully perform jumps, NAV computers require the coordinates of the intended destination and other related data, which is often in the form of a navigation database.

While the Covenant have a ban on more advanced AI systems, onboard computers are in common use. Sometimes referred to as the ships' "spirits,"[4] they generally operate the intricate systems required in glassing operations and presumably make the necessary calculations for Slipspace jumps.[5]


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