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His artwork. Image edited by the SOTA.

N'chala was a human from Prehistoric Tanzania, Africa (Approximately: 100,000 BCE).


An elder of his tribe, he was respected for his wisdom and courage. Every morning when the sun rose he went to the same exact spot he went every morning. He watched the natural things around him, the wind sweeping through the tall grass, the herds of animals making their way across the sun-drenched plains, and the predators as they stalked the herds. Then he watched what he believed were gods, which were in fact Forerunner Retrievers, building the Portal to the Ark.[1]

He did not understand the will of the mysterious "gods." He simply painted and drew what he saw every day in the hope that they would reveal themselves to him one day. It can be assumed that they never did.

In 2007 CE, his work was noted by the Society of the Ancients and displayed as evidence of aliens on ancient Earth.

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  1. Halo 3: The Cradle of Life

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