Museum of humanity

Inside the Museum of Humanity.

The Museum of Humanity was a museum which began construction in 2607.[1] It contained dioramas depicting battles of the Human-Covenant war.[2] The Museum is also the site of interviews of retired soldiers, including Pawel Czernek, Roland Huffman (this may be a reference to the Song of Roland from the Iris viral marketing campaign) and Tomas Navarro. Model and actual Covenant weapons that had been recovered have been seen as well as the human weaponry.

The Museum of Humanity most likely contains Dioramas and presentations of every major event that took place in humanity's history, from prehistoric time to the Battle of Earth. This fact is supported by the presence of a 20th-century era rocket that bears a striking resemblance to the "Saturn V" rockets used in the Apollo missions of the 1960s.


A Spiker on display at the Museum of Humanity

Different display weapons like the Spiker are held there. In documentaries there is a Warthog, a Scorpion, a Shotgun, Brute Captain Major helmet, Sniper Rifle, and a large hand-made diorama of the Battle of Mombasa along with a hand painted 1:53 scale replica of the Reach War Memorial.


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