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Mount Kilimanjaro viewed from the banks of the Weru Weru River on the Southern Slopes.

Located in Tanzania, near the border of Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the Earth's most famous mountains, certainly the most famous African mountain. It is the tallest mountain in the African continent, and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, at approximately 5,895 meters (19,341 feet), although it is actually a strato-volcanic. Its name translates roughly from Swahili into "White Hill."


Forerunner-Flood War

While the The Librarian was on Earth indexing humanity, she described Kilimanjaro as "a beautiful thing - a snowcapped sentinel." She stated she was going to spend the last moments of her life there.[1]


In the 24th Century, melted water from Kilimanjaro was collected by the Global Water Campaign water purification complex, processed and sent along the GWC Trans-African Pipelines along the Tsavo Highway for use across the rest of the African continent. By the 26th Century this facility has fallen into disrepair and is overgrown in jungle after more than a century of neglect.[2] One of GWC's installations, the A2 Hydroelectric Facility located along the Weru Weru River, was still operational by the 26th century.

Human-Covenant War

Main article: Battle of Earth

On November 17, 2552, John-117 crashed to Earth close to Kilimanjaro, with UNSC Marines assisting the Spartan in evading Covenant occupiers and clearing much of the jungle near Kilimanjaro of the Covenant presence before being extracted.[3]


  • The level Sierra 117 of Halo 3 was in the jungles near Mount Kilimanjaro..
  • If a player gets 7 (five in Halo: CE) kills with in 4 seconds of each other, they get the medal Killimanjaro. The medal has existed since Halo: CE.
  • Kilimanjaro is seen at the end of Halo 3 where Lord Hood give a ceremony to pay respect to the fallen soldiers defend humanity's colonies against the covenant threat.
  • Kilimanjaro was also seen in the terminals.


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