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At the end of every Halo 3 Multiplayer match, one player is designated the Most Valuable Player (MVP). In the post-game Carnage Report, the player who was selected as MVP is shown on the right-hand side.

MVP is earned by:

  • Team Slayer: Being the player with the most kills.
  • VIP: Being the player who with the most VIP kills.
  • Team Oddball: Being the player who held onto the Oddball the longest.
  • CTF: Being the player who captured the most flags.
  • Assault: Being the player who detonated the most bombs.
  • Territories: Being the player who captured the most Territories.
  • Team King: Being the player who spent the most time in the Hill.

The Halo 3 Achievement MVP is earned by being the MVP in a ranked playlist.

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