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The Mmmm… Brains medal resembles a skull superimposed on a green circular background on top of a five pointed bronze star; it is awarded to individuals after killing 10 humans in a row without dying in Living Dead on Custom Games. The Mmmm… Brains medal is the second of the infection spree medals on Halo: Reach, and the last of the infection spree on Halo 3. This medal can only be awarded on Living Dead.


  • This medal can also be obtained legitimately in the Double EXP Weekend Playlist Living Dead to be viewed on, although you can also get this medal by playing an infection custom game with just friends and letting them get the kills.
  • This medal is impossible to obtain in Halo Reach: Matchmaking. This is because there can only be a maximum of twelve players in an infection game, three of which start out as zombies. This leaves only nine humans left to infect; should you manage to infect all the humans by yourself, this still leaves you one kill short of the medal.

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