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FJ/PARA shoulder pad


FJ/PARA knee guard

The FJ/PARA is a variant of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor. Compatible with the Mark V, it is designed specifically for airborne units, and is intended to offer maximum protection with minimum weight.[1] Some members of Noble Team wear FJ/PARA knee guards, with Catherine-B320 wearing the shoulder pauldrons.

The FJ/PARA variant includes shoulder pauldrons, which cost 250 cR each, as well as knee guards, available for 10,000 cR.[2]



Full FJ-PARA with default Mark V[B] armor.

  • The current model for the FJ/PARA shoulder pauldron was titled as the Mark V[B] shoulder in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, with the Beta's FJ/PARA shoulder appearing considerably different.[2][3]
  • Catherine-B320's FJ/PARA shoulder pauldron pictured in a cover art image for Game Informer magazine started a recurring joke among the fan community as the shoulder can be seen resembling a face. This "character" was jokingly dubbed "Oonsk" as a humorous pronunciation of the "UNSC" labeled to the shoulder.[4] The character was later acknowledged by Bungie in their weekly updates,[5] and was included in a painting created by Frank O'Connor.[6] The painting was later auctioned off by IGN as a part of a charity event.[7]
  • The knee guards are very similar to the knee guards on the ODST Ballistic Battle Armor in Halo 3.
  • FJ is thought to stand for the German word for paratrooper, Fallschirmjaeger. Para obviously represents Paratrooper.
  • The FJ/PARA shoulder pads bear a striking resemblance to those used by the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI.




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