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Mjolnir/Collar refers to a group of chest pieces for use in conjunction with Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor. The variant is compatible with Mjolnir Mark V.[1]



Price: 4,000 cR

Requirements: Must be Captain to purchase.


Price: 8,000 cR

Requirements: Must be Lt. Colonel to purchase.

Collar/Grenadier [UA]Edit

Price: 45,000 cR

Requirements: Must be General to purchase.

Collar/Breacher [R]Edit

Price: 75,000 cR

Requirements: Must have the Regular Collar/Breacher to buy. The [R] version has a robotic prosthetic replacing the right arm.


  • Collar/Grenadier [UA] is the chest piece worn by Jorge-052.
  • When wearing Collar/Breacher [R], in first-person, you will always see the FJ/Para shoulder piece regardless of which one you wear.
  • Collar/Breacher and Collar/Breacher [R] both appear to have seven shotgun shells attached, possibly a reference to Bungie's obsession with the number 7.


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